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14 Signs a Woman is Unhappy in Her Marriage

14 Signs a Woman is Unhappy in Her Marriage

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Most women wouldn’t say a word. 

They are good at pretending everything’s okay while they are actually miserable inside. 

They wouldn’t want to ruin their families, so they go on with the show. 

There are many signs that a woman is unhappy in her marriage. 

These signs can be subtle or obvious, but they are always there.

A woman can be unhappy in different ways, but there are some common things that most women do when they aren’t happy.

Most of these tell-tale signs are accompanied by some similar tell-tale emotions.

Is she unhappy in her relationship? 

Or is she just having a bad day? 

Let’s look at some signs a married woman is unhappy in her marriage:

14 Signs a Woman is Unhappy in Her Marriage

1 When things are good, she doesn’t hold on to them

If she gets an unexpected gift from her husband or he does something nice for her during anniversaries and birthdays, she won’t bask in the feeling or keep talking about it.

She lets the good moments slip through her fingers without savoring them.

She doesn’t appreciate the good times or try to make more of them happen.

Because she thinks it won’t last or that something else will come along soon and replace it.

2 She complains about small things constantly

Signs a Woman is Unhappy in Her Marriage

A married woman who is unhappy will always have something negative to say about everything—how much money he makes, how dirty the house is, or his annoying friends.

This is because women who are unhappy in their marriages tend to pick at their husbands over every little thing. 

They find something wrong with everything he does, or they see a problem where there isn’t one.

It’s like there’s something wrong with everything around her, and it’s usually because there are bigger issues at play.

3 She’s pessimistic and worries endlessly

When a woman’s marriage is going well, she doesn’t think about what could go wrong. 

She looks forward to the future and isn’t afraid of change. 

She is optimistic about her relationship and sees things in a positive light.

A woman who is unhappy in her marriage has a different view of her relationship.

She may not be able to explain it, but she knows that this is not how life is supposed to work out. 

She gets the sense that things will not last, and when she feels like things are going well in her relationship or marriage, she begins to worry about what might happen next.


4 She feels guilty about feeling unhappy in her marriage

A woman who is unhappy in her marriage might often feel guilty about it because she knows that others have it worse than she does.

She knows that many people would love to have the kind of relationship she has. 

Instead of appreciating what she has, she wonders if there isn’t something better out there for her — something more fulfilling and rewarding than what she currently has with her husband.


5 She struggles to communicate with her spouse about her feelings

Signs a Woman is Unhappy in Her Marriage

An unhappy wife might rarely talk about her feelings — especially the negative ones.

She may not be able to articulate what she wants or needs.

Sometimes, she may seem overly emotional or needy, while in other cases, she may seem emotionally distant.

When you’re happy, communication flows easier, and when you’re not, you seem to struggle with expressing yourself. 

6 She constantly gets into arguments with her husband

The slightest thing can lead to a huge fight.

She might even pick fights just for the sake of having something to argue about because it makes her feel better than dealing with the fact that she’s unhappy in her marriage.

Arguments are normal when two people live together, but if this happens on a regular basis, it could be a sign of unhappiness in the relationship.


7 She doesn’t show any empathy toward her husband

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

It’s a sign that you care about your spouse and want to help them feel better.

Empathy is important between couples because it allows them to connect on an emotional level.

When a woman is unhappy, she may ignore and dismiss her husband’s feelings and needs. 

It’s easier to care for others when you’re happy yourself. 

So a woman who is unhappy in her marriage may no longer be as warm and friendly as she used to be or as loving. 

She may act cold toward him and doesn’t seem to care what happens to him.


8 She stops spending time with her husband

If a woman is unhappy in her marriage, she’s going to distance herself from it. 

It’s a way of protecting herself from feeling even more hurt.

An unhappily married woman will usually ignore her husband, refusing even to acknowledge him until she absolutely must.

Her communication with him becomes less frequent.

She will find excuses not to do things with him.

She will stop creating memorable occasions with him.

Even when she does go out with him, she seems to be looking for something else.

She’d rather make plans around spending more time with other people, friends, and other family members.

In fact, she might be constantly busy with work or other activities and find reasons to travel for business trips or vacations away from home just to be away from her husband. 


9. She gets less physically intimate with him

Signs a Woman is Unhappy in Her Marriage

A major sign woman is unhappy in her marriage is that she becomes less physically intimate with her husband.

She may no longer feel attracted to him or have a desire to be intimate with him.

This could mean she has stopped initiating physical contact as well as being less responsive when he does make advances.

She also might start avoiding situations that would make it easier for them to be intimate, such as sleeping in the same bed or going out on dates.


10 She stops paying attention to how she looks

A sign of unhappiness in a marriage is when a woman stops making an effort to look good. 

She might start wearing the same clothes over and over or not taking care of her skin, hair, and nails as she did before. 

She may even start skipping important events where she used to dress up and look her best. 

This could be a sign that she no longer feels the same amount of love and appreciation from her husband, which has caused her to stop caring about how she looks.


11 She avoids talking about future plans

When a woman is happy in her marriage, she will want to talk about where they both see themselves going in life. 

She will want to discuss plans for holidays, buying a house, going back to school, or maybe even having children at all or having more children.

An unsatisfied wife will avoid these conversations.


12 She spends a lot of time on social media 

Signs a Woman is Unhappy in Her Marriage

When a woman is unhappy in her marriage, she will often turn to social media as an outlet. 

She may post pictures of herself looking happy and carefree, share posts about how great life is, or just be on the platform more often.

This could be a sign that she’s trying to make up for something in her marriage that she’s not getting or just looking for attention from other people. 

This behavior is a way for her to escape from the reality of her unhappiness in her marriage. 


13. She steps out

Signs a Woman is Unhappy in Her Marriage

Women are just as likely to cheat as men are.

This is a common trait among unhappy wives. 

When a wife is not satisfied with her marriage, she may start looking elsewhere for companionship and support.

There is no woman who will willingly step out on her husband if all is well with their marriage.


14. She says she wants a divorce

Signs a Woman is Unhappy in Her Marriage

If a woman is unhappy in her marriage, she may eventually start talking about wanting to end the relationship.

Divorce would be the ultimate sign that she is no longer happy with her husband and wants to move on with her life.

She may make comments such as “I don’t think this marriage can be saved” or “I want to go our separate ways.”

This is a clear indication that the marriage is in trouble, and she may be looking for a way out. 

However, if a woman wants a divorce, it doesn’t mean the relationship can’t be saved with counseling or communication.

But if your wife says she wants one, it’s time to take her seriously and try to talk things through.

And if you are an unhappy wife, remember that it is possible to take your life back and find happiness without a divorce.

Don’t rush into anything before exploring all of your options.

Take some time to think things through, seek advice from those you trust, and make the right decision for yourself.

No matter what the outcome, remember that you are strong enough to do what is best for you.

Signs a Woman is Unhappy in Her Marriage