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Why You Don’t Have a Glowing Face : The 10 Real Reasons

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The skin on your face is more tender/sensitive than the rest of your body; the rules guiding the skincare of the face differ from that of other parts of the body.

Paying more attention to your skincare especially the face will boost your confidence and make you more secure about your looks.

The face is the ‘’face’’ of a person; it is only fitting to actually make the required effort. Skincare does pay off.

A glowing face is not an accident, a happenstance, nor does it occur by chance.

Even if you have naturally good skin, you still have to do the barest minimum to maintain it.

If you want a glowing face, you have to work for it and work towards it. There are steps to achieving the glow and radiance you desire; there are things to do and not do.

So, why are you not getting the facial glow you desire?

Here are the top ten reasons why your face is not glowing:

1. You don’t understand the language of your skin

Every skin speaks a language. Basically, skin language is knowing your skin type, what products and routine work for you, and skincare rules to avoid or embrace.

The foundation of a glowing face is to find out whether you have oily, dry or combination of both.

If you have dry skin and you have been using products for oily skin, of course, the outcome will be far from the glow you desire. There must be harmony between your skin type and every other thing.

So, know your skin type.

2. You don’t use products that are right for you and your skin type

There is a method to radiance; a glowing face is a science, it is mathematics. Add up the appropriate components in the right order, and you have the correct answer.

Go for products that are just right for your skin type. There are tens of thousands of products available for each skin type.

Ensure you read labels to know what your skin products are made of.

Avoid harsh chemicals and ingredients in your products. Go for trusted brands.

If you are going organic, make sure you understand the function of each product and the appropriate way to use them.

You’ll never believe how much your face will glow when you use just the right products!

3. You don’t use your products at the right time

You don’t use sunscreen to bed, do you?

Believe it, your skin can tell the time. It knows the difference between daytime and nighttime.

Your skin reacts to difference in temperature, heat intensity and some other environmental conditions.

This is why there are products specific for each time on the clock such as night cream and sunscreen.

You can’t apply a product on your face and expect to get the result on your leg. You have to do the right thing at the right time.

Use each product at the specified time to get the proper result. If you miss out on a schedule, just wait until the proper time.

5. You don’t understand skincare routine

You have to do the right thing and in the right way to get the appropriate result. This cannot be stressed too much.

A basic skin routine consists of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Some skincare experts have argued that toning might be an unnecessary step in the daily skincare routine, but it depends on what your skin needs.

To give your face the appropriate time it needs to adjust to the new routine, start with the basics before moving to complex procedures such as exfoliation. Choose the appropriate products for each step based on your skin type.

It will take a little getting used to, and a little more discipline, but it is not difficult.

4. You copy other people’s routine

No two people have the same kind of skin, not even twins.

You might have a similar tone, shade, porosity or even the same skin type with somebody else, but you won’t both react in the same way to the same products, and you will not get the same results.

What does not work for them might work for you. So, don’t copy someone else’s skincare routine.

You can get insights, determine what you can add and remove from yours, but it is not a good idea to lift verbatim.

6. You can’t keep your hands off your face

Touching the face is probably everyone’s most instinctive habit. Dermatologically, it is a bad idea.

It has been proven that constantly touching your face, caressing your pimples and spots will unavoidably lead to undesirable outcomes.

The hand is the dirtiest part of the body in that it is packed with the most germs.

Frequently touching your face transfers the germs on your hands to your face. Germs on your face translate to clogged pores, disturbed ecosystem and altered pH levels.

Keep your hands from your face. Don’t touch your face.

7. You wear makeup to sleep

Makeup and sleep are like oil and water; they don’t mix, they should not be mixed.

Wearing makeup to sleep is an absolute no-no.

Even basic ethics of hygiene dictate that every form of outfit including cosmetics should be taken off before going to bed.

How do you feel sleeping in full clothes?


It’s how the skin on your face feels when you sleep with makeup on.

Let your skin breathe.

8. Washing your face too much

Yes, there is such a thing as washing your face too much.

It dries out your face and strips it of natural oils thereby leading to breakouts and other undesirable effects.

Wash your face with lukewarm water. Avoid using a harsh sponge on your face.

Don’t scrub vigorously and don’t forget to moisturize after cleansing.

9. Doing too much at once

You have figured out what skincare routine and products are right for you. Don’t get too excited by introducing them all at once. You don’t want to choke and suffocate your skin.

Take your time, work your way up. Start with basic routine.

That way, you will find it easier to track your progress. Introduce the correct and proper products one after the other.

It will be easier to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Introducing (new) products one after the other will make it easier for you to detect the results of each product and how you react to each of them.

So, take your time.

10. You are often dehydrated

What is the correlation between water and the skin?

If you are dehydrated more often than normal, it can tell on your skin.

Your face will appear puffy, dark circles will look more intense.

Water ensures the proper and even distribution of nutrients, blood and other beneficial materials.

Imagine rolling down a slide without water; it’s no fun, right?

Your body does not find dehydration funny either.

Ensure you drink an adequate amount of water daily.

If you struggle with this, there are smart hacks to help you drink more water.

In conclusion, it is okay to break out once in a while, even after doing all that is required. There is no perfect routine.

It is also alright to get creative and switch things up when it comes to choosing the right products and applying them.

Once you take care of the required steps, the results will take care of themselves.

Beware of products and procedures that promise that too much too soon. You often lose a lot in the long run.

There is no perfect skin, but radiance is not impossible, and glow without makeup is achievable. A radiant and glowing face is a journey, a lifelong one, so relax and enjoy the process.