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8 Simple Ways Men Show They’re Invested in the Relationship’s Future

8 Simple Ways Men Show They’re Invested in the Relationship’s Future

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I’m sure you would like to know if that guy is really taking his time to get to know you better and if he’s not just wasting your time.

Or maybe you want to know where you stand in your relationship. Then this post is for you. 

If you’re his chosen one, you’ll notice it in how he talks to you and in his actions towards you.

Men are easy to read when it comes to relationship stuff; you will find out earlier, and your instinct will tell you if he is going to be the one or not.

I often tell ladies when they ask me how to know if their man will commit or take things more seriously with them.

I always ask a simple question: “How is he treating you?” I’ve heard funny responses and absurd ones, too. So, I’ve put together a number of ways in which you can easily tell. 

Here are 8 ways men show they’re invested in the relationship’s future:


8 Simple Ways Men Show They’re Invested in the Relationship’s Future

1. He will want more than casual.

ways men show they’re invested in the relationship's future

Talking from a personal perspective, a man who wants to show you what he wants will become more serious about you, your well-being, etc.

He might not come out straight and commit to you but he will make progressive moves towards that direction. 

This is where your instinct comes into play.

Observe his actions, and you’ll be able to tell if he sees a future with you.

You will see it won’t be the casual way of doing things with you anymore. 

He will undoubtedly show signs of emotional investment because he wants you in his life. 

He will start to check on you more than he usually does. 

This is the point at which he starts to take on responsibility and be actively invested in nurturing your friendship into a relationship.

The way he will treat you will leave you feeling special, and you will clearly see he wants to be more serious with you. 

That is it, you won’t be that girl he is just passing time with but the one he wants to be with for the long term. 


2. He starts to commit. 

ways men show they’re invested in the relationship's future

Listen up! I really mean it when I say in the world of men, they don’t just commit to a relationship they are not going to invest in or take seriously. 

Commitment here is different from him wanting more than casual.

At this point, he is fully committed to taking things to the next level, and that is because he is fully invested in you and the future he has envisioned with you.

Don’t confuse the regular gestures a man shows when dating you with the ones he will show when he’s committed. 

It often comes from a natural place and not a place of obligation because his conversations with you will be different, and you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out. 

You will be considered whenever he is making decisions about himself.

He will be more dedicated to your welfare, among other things.


3. He starts paying attention to little things. 

ways men show they’re invested in the relationship's future

Oh! Yeah, this right here is so apt.

This is a very pleasant way he will show you he is well invested in the relationship’s future.

His attention to the little details about you will be so intensified.

Don’t be surprised if he has mastered all your allergies, your favorite workout soundtrack, how you like your coffee made, etc. 

He will learn how to please you from the things you say you like when you’re out on a date.

Whenever he does things for you, you’ll notice how much information he has taken in and how much he has learned to utilize to make you smile or when he’s getting things done for you. 

He will know when you need a shoulder to lean on and he will make himself available. 

When you try to hide when you hurt, he will know, and he will find a way to soothe you. 


4. He shows up whenever you need him. 

ways men show they’re invested in the relationship's future

Men categorically show up for the woman they choose to show up for, so look into how much he shows up for you. 

It isn’t common for men who aren’t investing in a relationship to just show up for women they are passing time with.

If he senses that you need his attention, he will drop everything and be right by your side, trying to save the day. 

Do you know why? Because you’re his special woman

He becomes that go-to person for you whenever you’re having a bad day.

Notice how often he shows up whenever you need his attention.

If he always comes through for you, then he really means business. 

He won’t make excuses when you need him, and when he can’t show up physically, he will find another way to be there for you. 

And he won’t make you feel like you’re bothering him whenever you reach out to him, he will see it as an opportunity to care for you. 


5. He will make you his number one priority. 

ways men show they’re invested in the relationship's future

Doesn’t it feel good to be someone’s top priority?

Of course, it feels so good.

And most especially when it is coming from someone you love and care about.

There is this comfortability that comes from knowing your man puts you first in all his doings.

You will be prioritized on his scale of preference without you asking for more or pressuring him to.

He will make sure you don’t feel like an option for him in the relationship.

Even when he is making important decisions, he will seek your opinion.

Just for you to know, you’re number one on his scale of preference.

If you feel otherwise, then he might not be ready for that next step.

You don’t have to look too hard; it is there in how he treats you.

This is one of the easiest notifications you won’t have to look too hard to find.

It is simply obvious because he will make it known to you in his actions.

So when you notice he adjusts his schedule to create time for you, that is a sweet sign.


6. He becomes more physically close.

ways men show they’re invested in the relationship's future

Physical presence is another way men invest in a relationship’s future.

Although men are always physically available for two reasons.

It is either for the cookie (sex) or he is really interested in having a future with you.

You need to know the exact reason why that man is physically available.

If your man is always there for you physically, it’s a sign that he isn’t playing around with you.

If he regularly shows up in your space to give you constant assurance that you’re the only girl in his life, then that is something to cherish.

I’m sure you understand that in a relationship, actions often speak louder than words. 

While a man may say all the right things and make promises, it’s important to pay attention to his actions as well. 

One major sign of a man investing in a future with you is when he starts adjusting his schedule to make time for you. 

This could mean rearranging plans or prioritizing spending time with you over other activities.


7. Random acts of kindness. 

ways men show they’re invested in the relationship's future

Dear ladies, kindness is a key factor that you should seek in a man; are you asking why?

Because you won’t beg for simple acts of kindness.

You won’t have to mention some things before he gets them done for you.

He will use his initiative and get things done without you having to ask.

A man who is investing in a relationship’s future understands that kindness towards his partner isn’t an option, it is a necessity.

This kind of man will constantly shower you with kind gestures.

When he does things like open the door for you, pull out your chair at a restaurant, or help you carry heavy bags, it shows that he cares about you.

So, ladies, pay attention to how he consistently shows kindness towards you. 

It can be a good indication of his character and his potential as a partner. 

Don’t settle for less.

You deserve someone who will prioritize your happiness and well-being through simple acts of kindness.

If you really want to know if that man is investing in his relationship with you, pay attention to how he treats you.


8. He asks you about your ideal man. 

ways men show they’re invested in the relationship's future

If he asks you about your ideal man, he definitely wants to become that man for you, and that right there is a green flag.

Another thing a man who is interested in investing in his relationship with you knows is that he will always want to be better for you.

He is basically asking you to be sure of how to become that person for you.

A man who truly values you will always want to know more about your preferences, goals, and desires, and this includes asking about your ideal partner.

He is not just making small talk or trying to impress you. 

He genuinely wants to understand what qualities and characteristics are important to you as a partner. 

This shows that he cares about your happiness and wants to make sure that he can fulfill those expectations.

Moreover, if he goes one step further and actively tries to embody those traits, it is a clear sign of his commitment to building a strong and healthy relationship with you. 

It takes effort and self-awareness for him to consciously work on becoming an ideal partner for you.


There are definitely other things I might not have mentioned here, but if your man is moving in any of the ways listed above, I can easily say that he has something good in store for you.

Like I always say, there is no manual for a good relationship; there can only be a couple of guidelines, and how you use the information provided is entirely up to you.