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6 Really Romantic Things Guys Do Only for Women They Love

6 Really Romantic Things Guys Do Only for Women They Love

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So there is this man who has been doing some extra things for my friend lately.

I mean, he is going really extra in his acts.

My friend said, “I’ve seen him around other girls; he doesn’t behave like this. What is going on?”

Should we tell her?

Because I think it is quite easy to tell whether or not a man loves you. 

The difference is almost always clear.

Except for men who are naturally flirtatious, it is pretty easy to tell when a man sees a woman as a friend and when he really likes her. 

Because there are these very nice things he will do that he won’t bother doing for a woman who is just his friend. 

Love showcases itself differently with different men, so in this article, we will list the few things my friend noticed her man doing for her.

We hope that when you notice your man doing these things, you know that he will only do them for the woman he loves. 

6 Really Romantic Things Guys Do Only for Women They Love

1. He Prioritizes Your Happiness

6 Things Guys Do Only for Women They Love

People are naturally selfish and will not go out of their way to please others if it will cost them any displeasure. 

So, if you see someone going out of their way to do something for someone, it probably brings them pleasure. 

If a guy is in love with you, your happiness brings him pleasure. 

So he will go out of his way to make you happy. 

He finds fulfillment in seeing the smile on your face and the joy in your heart. 

So just about anything that makes you happy—showing up for you when you need him, cooking for you, getting you gifts—whatever it is to see you laugh heartily, he will do it. 

And I find that most times it is not the big things that really matter, but those consistent and thoughtful things he does that show everyone that he loves you. 

Those are the ones he will channel his energy into. 


2. He Makes Sacrifices for You 

6 Things Guys Do Only for Women They Love

I think I need to say this: any man who professes love for you and has never gone out of his way to do something for you probably does not love you. 

Or maybe he does not know what it means to love someone. 

I feel like one of the surest proofs of love is sacrifice. 

You know, someone going out of their way to make sure that you are happy and comfortable. 

Sometimes, this sacrifice may even involve not being with you when they want to be with you just because you are not ready to accommodate them. 

It also involves staying within the confines of the boundaries you draw for him, even when he’d like to have the opportunity to experience more with you. 

People who cross boundaries and say it is because they are too in love with you do not actually love you. 

They are only seeking to satisfy their own desires at the expense of your safety. 

The one who loves you will always put your desires above his and try to fulfill them as much as possible. 


3. He Protects You

6 Things Guys Do Only for Women They Love

This point makes me think of an interview I watched. 

A married man was asked what lessons he’d learned from being married. 

And he said, “I learned that I need to protect my family at all times. And beyond that, I have learned that protection isn’t just physical; I need to protect them emotionally, financially, mentally, and all around. It is my duty to see that my family is always safe.”

I think this kind of knowledge is not just open to married men. 

A man who is in love with a woman is all out to protect her and make sure she doesn’t put herself in harm’s way, and that harm does not come to her. 

That’s why he is interested in her relationships and activities. 

And this is so that he can filter out toxicity and protect her mental health. 

He is also concerned with her financial decisions, making sure her finances are protected. 

He protects her from harm, stress, and discomfort. 

Somehow, when a woman is with a man who loves her, she feels continually protected and covered. 


4. He Shows Affection in Public and Private

6 Things Guys Do Only for Women They Love

Public display of affection. 

Not many men are sold for public display of physical affection.

Even though I know some men who are completely obsessed with public displays of affection, most men like to present a businesslike image in public and display all their affection in private.

Whichever one your man is, showing affection regularly is a clear sign of love. 

In fact, men are scarcely affectionate beings. 

Sometimes, when they first begin to like a woman, there is usually no affection attached. 

So you’ll know he is deeply into you when he begins to be affectionate every now and then.

Affections are usually displayed through holding hands, hugs, kisses, or nearness.


5. He Invests Time in Your Relationship

6 Things Guys Do Only for Women They Love

Nobody throws their time away.

Okay, maybe some people do. 

But definitely not a man who is busy trying to fulfill the responsibility that comes with being a man. 

Most of the time, when men spend their time on something, it is either something that is paying them or something they consider an investment. 

Nothing beats time in terms of value.

So much so that the first way people decide whether someone loves them or not is by the amount of time they invest in them. 

If a guy loves you, he won’t just do so from afar. 

He will intentionally invest time in being in a relationship with you and ensuring that you both grow together. 

This means that he will spend quality time with you, engaging in meaningful conversations (and the meaningless ones, too), and working with you through challenges. 

His willingness to invest time and effort is a strong sign of his commitment.


6. He Goes the Extra Mile to Understand You

6 Things Guys Do Only for Women They Love

People always say that it is a very difficult task to set out to understand a woman. 

I am not sure how so. 

But I know that understanding someone on a deep level requires a lot of effort and empathy. 

Some people will give up on trying to reach out to someone—maybe someone they want to befriend—because “I don’t understand them. They’re too difficult to understand.”

But that same “too difficult to understand” person has someone who understands them perfectly. 

The other party didn’t just love them enough to invest enough in understanding them. 

A man in love will go the extra mile to understand you.

He won’t just stop at knowing what you want. 

He wants to know why, too. 

Why do you like the things you do? 

Why do you hate the things you do? 

He also pays attention to the little things that make you unique—those things that only you know about yourself (or sometimes do not yet know).

And at all times, he wants you to know that you are well-understood and appreciated. 


As I mentioned earlier, there are several expressions of love a man will only show to a woman he loves. 

And they are more than what I’ve listed here

But you shouldn’t miss them when you see them. 

This article should be able to guide you on that day.