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10 Things a Married Man Should Never Lie About

10 Things a Married Man Should Never Lie About

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We all understand that among the billions of men on this planet, very few are like the fairy tale Prince Charming.

Whether a man or a woman, we’re all human, which means we come with a mix of good and not-so-good qualities.

When it comes to relationships, there’s no such thing as a perfect man.

Every package comes with flaws.

That is why, as a guy, there are certain things you should never lie about in a relationship.

Yes. You should rather come out clean and be your true self.

No one is perfect.

Own up to your truth; there is no reason to lie.

In the cause of this, here is a list of 10 things a married man should never lie about in his marriage.


10 Things a Married Man Should Never Lie About

1. Matters of money

Things a Married Man Should Never Lie About

Money can be a touchy subject, but in a relationship, honesty about your finances is a big thing.

Some men flash their bank statements on the first date.

This doesn’t matter.

What matters is that as things get serious, you should come clean.

Don’t pretend to be a big shot if you’re drowning in debt.

And if you’re rolling in dough, don’t act broke to avoid responsibilities.

Finding a balance and making sure you and your partner are on the same page are what matters.

Financial secrets can cause massive trust issues down the road.

What you should do?

Keep it real, discuss budgets, and work together to manage your money.

It might not be the most romantic chat, but it’s one of the keys to a financially healthy and happy relationship.



2. The ex-factor

Your past relationships, no matter how complicated they might be, are something your current partner deserves to know about.

It’s not about giving them a play-by-play of your dating history, but the important stuff matters.

If you have got a significant ex in your past or some baggage, it’s better to let the secret out in the open.

Nobody wants to feel like there are secrets lurking in the background.

When the time is right, have an honest chat about your past love life.

It might not be the smoothest conversation, but it’s a way of telling her that you trust her with your history and you are all in for your future together.



3. Job pressure

Things a Married Man Should Never Lie About

Work can be a real pain sometimes, right?

We all face it.

But when it’s stressing you out, don’t just put on a brave face and pretend everything’s all well and good.

Your partner isn’t a mind-reader, and they deserve to know what’s going on.

If your boss is driving you nuts or that never-ending project feels like a nightmare, don’t keep it to yourself.

Tell it to your woman.

No, don’t think you are dumping your problems on them but letting them in on what’s happening in your life.

It would help them understand your mood swings and why you might need a little extra support.



4. Where you are at

Avoid the disappearance game.

If you say you’ll be home in 5 minutes, but you’re still at the office an hour later, that’s not cool.

Honesty about where you are and your plans is pretty important.

Your partner doesn’t need minute-by-minute updates, but if you’re going to be late or change your plans, shoot them a text or give them a heads-up.

It’s just common courtesy to put them in the know of your whereabouts.

Nobody likes waiting around, wondering if you got abducted by aliens.

Letting your partner know your whereabouts is a solid way to keep the trust intact.

Keep each other in the loop, and you’ll have a smoother ride in this marriage.



5. Tell your partner how you feel

Things a Married Man Should Never Lie About

No more hiding behind that tough exterior in the name of being a grownup.

Hiding your emotions like a shaken beer can is just a recipe for disaster.

If something’s bothering you or you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay to say it.

Your partner genuinely wants to know what’s going on in your head and heart, believe me.

Letting them know how you feel isn’t a sign of weakness; it means trust and vulnerability.

When you open up, you’re giving your relationship a chance to grow stronger.

Whether you’re feeling sad, happy, or just plain confused, let them know.

Your partner is there to listen and support you.



6. Things you have achieved

 When it comes to your accomplishments, whether big or small, don’t lie to your partner about them.

Sure, you might think downplaying your achievements avoids jealousy or bragging, but it’s not the way to go.

Sharing your wins together is a big part of what makes a marriage special.

When you’ve achieved something, your partner probably wants to celebrate with you, not feel left out.

Please don’t shy away from sharing your personal achievements.

You will keep building that connection and celebrating each other’s victories along the way.

Now, go ahead and toot your own horn.

It’s good for marriage!



7. Dealing with habits

Things a Married Man Should Never Lie About

Okay, this one’s a little bit serious.

It’s about addictions.

If you’re dealing with any form of addiction, be it smoking, online shopping, or something more significant, it’s a must to come clean with your partner.

Hiding an addiction is not going to work for long.

Your partner deserves to know what’s going on, especially if your addiction is affecting your marriage or your health.

 Admitting your struggles is a sign of strength, not weakness.

It’s the first step towards getting the support you need, and your partner can be a part of that support system.

Don’t keep it a secret; open up about your addictions, and together, you can work towards the solution.



8. Your inner doubts

We all have our insecurities, those little nagging doubts that pop up from time to time.

Maybe it’s feeling like you’re not good enough, smart enough, or attractive enough.

It’s all part of being human.

You see, it’s okay to admit your insecurities to your partner.

In fact, it can be quite liberating.

Pretending you’re a rock 24/7 isn’t necessary, and it doesn’t help your relationship grow stronger.

Telling her your insecurities lets her in on your vulnerabilities.

You are showing her that you trust her enough to show her your softer side.

And you know what?

Your partner will likely appreciate your honesty and might even reassure you in those moments of self-doubt.

Don’t be afraid to talk about what’s bugging you.

It’s a way to deepen your connection and find support in each other.

Your insecurities don’t define you, but sharing them can help both of you grow closer.



9. Your online activity

Things a Married Man Should Never Lie About

 What about what you do on the internet?

We all know that once something is online, it spreads fast as the town gossip.

Whether it’s your social media adventures or online chats, being transparent with your partner about your online life is vital.

 You are not snooping on each other’s every click, but more about trust and respect.

If you’re spending hours playing video games or engaging in lively online debates, your partner deserves to know what’s up.

Lying about your online activities can lead to misunderstandings.

You should keep the communication lines open.

If you’ve got concerns about something your partner is doing online, talk to them about it.

You know, trust goes both ways, so be sure to share about your online world, too.

It’s good for a healthier and happier marriage.



10. When you cheat 

This is a heavy one, friends.

Infidelity, cheating, straying, whatever you call it, it’s a massive breach of trust in a relationship.

If you’ve messed up in this department, honesty is the only way forward.

It’s not easy to talk about infidelity, and it’s definitely not a conversation you want to have.

But lying about it and hoping it goes away won’t work.

Secrets have a way of coming out, and when they do, the pain and damage can be even worse.

 If you have been unfaithful, you need to come clean with your partner.

More than saying, “I’m sorry.”

You have to acknowledge the hurt you have caused and be willing to face the consequences.

There’s no guarantee your relationship will survive infidelity, but honesty is the first step towards amending.

It’s a tough, painful process, but it’s the only way to move forward with integrity and honesty.

Because if you lie about it, you will keep lying to cover it up.

And what’s worse than that?



Final note

We have said some serious things a married man should never lie about.

Note that in marriages, honesty is not only a policy; it holds everything together.

It might not always be easy, and those conversations can get tough, but they are necessary to build understanding.

May sweetness and joy find a place in your marriage.