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8 Signs You’ve Lost a Good Man

8 Signs You’ve Lost a Good Man

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Every woman’s dream is to have a good man by her side. 

One who is there for her, connects with her, provides for her, and protects her all the way. 

And once you have your man, you just know it. 

“This one is mine.”

“Everything I’ve been seeking for.”

But what are the assurances that he will be yours forever?

Losing a good man can be a devastating experience.

You’ll ask all manner of questions without finding answers. 

You’ll experience an emotional rollercoaster, where one minute you feel like it is your fault and the other minute you want to hit him so hard. 

So many things can result in losing the love of your life. 

And it’s a gradual process. 

How can you tell? That you are losing this man you thought you would spend the rest of your life with? 

Because if anything, you need to step out of oblivion into the light if you are to fight for what you want or even let it go. 

8 Signs You’ve Lost a Good Man

1. Decreased Communication

8 Signs You've Lost a Good Man

One of the most evident signs that you’ve lost a good man is a breakdown in communication. 

Because a good man wants nothing other than to spend time talking with his woman, getting to know her better, and sharing himself with her through words. 

If you find that meaningful conversations are now scarce between you two. 

He now uses the time you would usually spend sitting down and talking with him to do something else that is not even important. 

Or he only sits with you absentmindedly, doing pseudo listening to your rants, and does not have anything to say at the end of the discussion. 

You can clearly see that he has lost interest in communicating with you and, possibly, in the relationship as a whole. 


2. Decreased Effort

8 Signs You've Lost a Good Man

Energy never lies. 

And when a man is yours, his energy is 120/100. 

It’s on the high, and it keeps going. 

You don’t need to say a word before he gets up and does it. 

He makes sacrifices where necessary and compromises to accommodate you and your excesses. 

He knows what you need, and he provides them without batting an eyelid. 

And then he goes from there to being unable to even lift a finger for you. 

Complains about every little adjustment he needs to make. 

And pays no attention to what you want or do not want. 

You can tell at this time that your man is losing interest in you and in the relationship. 


3. Emotional Distance

8 Signs You've Lost a Good Man

Emotional connection is like the mortar that holds the bricks of a relationship. 

Without it, the relationship cannot stand whole.

It’ll just be scattered pieces here and there. 

This connection is usually built over time through frequent communication.

Spending time together, etc. 

But if your partner is slipping off your fingers, he’ll also try to avoid emotional intimacy. 

All that shared time where you both sit and talk would be out of the game. 

The need to spend time with you and familiarize yourself with your scents and the rhythm of your heartbeat will also be gone. 

Leaving you with a man who wants to be as emotionally far away from you as possible. 

He will begin to build walls over his heart that will keep you out. 

Just anything to get separated from you. 


4. Lack of Appreciation

8 Signs You've Lost a Good Man

It is absolutely correct that the things you do in your relationship, the sacrifices and compromises you make in your relationship, you do them because you love your man and because you want your relationship to work. 

But it doesn’t still take away the fact that you want your efforts to be seen, acknowledged, and appreciated. 

You want to know that these things that you’re doing are not a waste of time. 

But once you begin to lose your man, he becomes an ungrateful person with you. 

No matter what you do, he keeps a straight, unimpressed face and does not even bother with the ‘thank yous’.

Feeling unappreciated or undervalued in a relationship can take a toll on your self-esteem and happiness.  


5. Disrespectful Behavior

8 Signs You've Lost a Good Man

You see respect in a relationship; it is non-negotiable. 

It is not also a function of age and gender. 

Women want to be respected as much as men do. 

And a good man respects his woman all the way through. 

But recently, your man has exhibited funny behaviors that are so disrespectful. 

He belittles and disregards your opinions, feelings, and boundaries. 

And he is unapologetic about it. 

No, he doesn’t even know why you are making a face. 

This should either tell you that he has lost his goodness, or that you have lost him. 

6. Prioritizing Others


A good man’s woman is his priority. 

He doesn’t make any decisions or take any action that does not favor her or do things that will hurt her. 

He loves and cherishes her and wants only the best for her. 

When he has to make a choice between her and others, he will definitely choose her. 

But your man has recently chosen others over and over again above you. 

Even when the choice he’s made will have an adverse effect on you and the relationship.

Choosing to hang out with friends rather than be at your event?

It can be very disheartening. 

But it also explains that this man is no longer fully interested in the relationship. 


7. Lack of Future Planning

Your man, because he is yours and because he envisions a future together with you, naturally talks to you about the future and have you both make plans together.

Good men are proactive and are known for putting good plans in place

When there is conflict, your darling man runs. 

He wouldn’t have it. 

He does not want to talk about anything, doesn’t want to hear anything. 

He just wants you to mind your business and leave him to mind his. 

This is a sign that your good man is slipping out of your finger. 


8. Avoidance of Intimacy

Of course you know that on a normal day, your man would not withhold intimacy from you. 

He’s the one always pouring out all that affection and love. 

Always holding you close and listening for your heartbeat and hearing you out as you speak about your fears and troubles. 

And now he would not even look into your eyes anymore or hold you. 

He becomes uncomfortable when you want to talk about your fears and never has the time to sit and share intimate moments with you. 

This avoidance of intimacy could be many things. 

It can also be a pointer to the fact that you’ve lost your man. 


When it dawns on you that this relationship that was supposed to be your last is heading for rock bottom, what do you do?

I think it is just pertinent to first of all look inward and ask yourself if there are things that you are doing or not doing that are about to destroy your relationship. 

So you can desist from it and make amends. 

If you are not sure, you can ask your man to know what really aches him. 

You may also want to introduce the professionalism of a counselor or therapist to look into the case for you two. 

But if you have done everything and it’s still not working, the way out may be to let go. 

Holding on to something that does not want to be held may become very toxic in the long run and affect your overall well-being.