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10 Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact

10 Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact

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After a breakup, it’s super normal to have this question in your head: “Is he going to come back?”

It doesn’t matter who initiated the breaking up, it is still painful.

Your relationship was a big part of your life, and now it has become a missing piece.

Wondering if he’s ever coming back is just part of the emotional trouble.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Do guys always come back?”

It’s a good question.

 We all ask that.

And it’s good to know what signs to look for – those big shinning arrows saying “Yes, he’s coming back!” and the hints that maybe, just maybe, he’s planning a return.

It’s worth figuring out so that you can decide if giving him another shot is the way to go.

In this article, we’re dissecting 10 clues that suggest he’s making a comeback.


10 Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact

1. The ‘Liking Spree’ on Social Media

Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact


Are you scrolling through your social media, and suddenly, you notice something unusual?

Something about that guy you’ve been wondering about, the one who hasn’t been talking to you, starts to hit the “like” button on all your posts?

He’s gone on a liking marathon, and you’re the star of the show.

Come, let’s reason together.

Why is this important?

Well, that’s because it’s a secret signal.

When he likes your stuff left and right, it’s kind of his way of showing you he’s still around, and he’s interested.

It’s almost as if he’s trying to get your attention without actually saying anything.

Therefore, if you spot this, it’s a pretty good sign that he’s thinking about you and might be planning a comeback.

Keep an eye on those notifications.


2. Late-Night Texts

Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact


Has he been texting you at night recently?

You’re winding down for the day, about to catch some Z’s, and your phone lights up with a message.

You check it, and it’s from that guy you’ve been wondering about during your “no contact” phase.

And, to your surprise, it’s not just any message, it’s a late-night text.

See, this late-night texting isn’t just a random occurrence.

It is a sign that he’s got you on his mind.

Late at night, things get quiet, and our thoughts tend to drift towards the people who matter most to us.

If he’s hitting you up when the world is asleep, it’s a big hint that you’re on his mind when things get peaceful.

It’s his way of telling you he can’t sleep and you’re the one he wants to talk to.

Late-night texts can be a clear indicator that he’s considering coming back into your life.

Keep your phone close, you never know when those late-night messages might arrive.


3. Reaching Out with a “Hey” or “What’s Up?”

Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact


After you’ve been in this awkward phase of no contact, suddenly, you get a message that just says, “Hey” or “What’s up?”

It’s like the most casual, laid-back message ever, isn’t it?

When he does this, it’s a strong sign that he’s testing the waters.

He’s not diving into the deep conversation right away, but he’s definitely dipping his toe in.

He wants you to know he’s here and wants to see how you react.

It’s some kind of a feeling-out process, like checking if you’re still open to talking.

If he has been dropping these easy-breezy messages, it’s a good bet that he’s considering a comeback and wants to start things off slowly and casually.

If you want him back, keep your responses friendly and open, and you will kickstart a reconnection.


4. Mentioning Shared Memories

Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact


Has he been reminiscing about things you both did together?

Let’s say you’re having a conversation, and maybe it’s about the weather, work, or some other random stuff, and out of the blue, he starts reminiscing about things you both did together.

It could be an inside joke you shared, a memorable date, or something unique to your relationship.

When he does this, it means he’s hitting the rewind button on the movie of your relationship.

He’s bringing up these shared memories because they mean something to him.

He is remembering those good times, and he misses them.

He’s trying to reconnect with you on an emotional level, using those memories as a bridge back to your shared experiences.

It is a strong signal that he’s thinking about getting back into your life, reliving those moments, and maybe even creating new ones.

If he keeps talking about the good old days, it’s a clear sign that he’s considering a comeback and wants you to be a part of his present and future.

If you still want him, why don’t you just reminisce together and see where it leads?


5. His Friends Are Talking About it

Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact


You know how sometimes friends can’t keep secrets, especially when it comes to relationships?

This way, if his pals start dropping hints or straight-up telling you that he’s been talking about you, that’s noteworthy.

They are simply telling you he can’t stop thinking about you.

When his friends open this up, it’s usually a sign that he’s been discussing you and your past together.

They might say things like, “He’s been asking about you,” or “He reminisces about your time together.”

It is an indirect message from him through his buddies.

This means he’s thinking about you, and he’s talking about you with the people close to him.

He’s sharing his feelings and thoughts, and that’s a significant step toward a potential comeback.

When you hear it from the grapevine, it’s time to consider that he might be ready to reconnect and is getting others involved in the process.


6. Stays Connected with Your Friends or Family

Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact


Even though you guys aren’t in direct contact, you notice that he’s keeping in touch with your friends or family members.

Maybe he occasionally asks how you’re doing, checks in on their well-being, or simply maintains a connection.

If this is happening, it means he’s keeping a sneak peek into your life.

He cares about what’s happening in your world, even if he’s not directly engaging with you.

This is often a good sign that he’s not over you and is still interested in being a part of your life, even if it’s indirectly.

Staying connected to the people close to you means he’s sending a message that he hasn’t completely moved on and maybe contemplating a return.

It’s somehow tricky yet significant way of maintaining a link to you, and it indicates that he’s not ready to let go just yet.

If you desire to have him back, pay attention to these indirect connections, as they might pave the way for a rekindled relationship down the road.


7. Shares Future Plans

Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact


He starts talking about future plans and doesn’t just talk about them in a general way.

He’s including you in those plans.

Maybe he mentions vacations you could take together, events you could attend, or even just the idea of building a future together.

When he does this, he’s painting a picture of the future with you in it.

He’s thinking about the past, and he’s looking ahead.

This is a strong sign that he’s not just thinking about a short-term reunion but a long-term commitment.

He’s showing a willingness to invest in a shared future.

Dropping hints about future plans that involve you is an indicator that he is considering a comeback and is thinking about a lasting relationship.

It’s a signal that he sees you in his life for the long haul.


8. Offers Apologies or Explanations

Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact

Let’s say after a period of no contact, he reaches out to you, but it’s not for casual chit-chat.

He starts to apologize or explain why he disappeared or behaved a certain way.

He is opening up and addressing what went wrong in the past.

With this, it’s a significant step because it shows he’s reflecting on his actions and is willing to take responsibility.

Apologizing or explaining means he’s acknowledging that things weren’t perfect, but he wants to make amends.

This is a powerful sign that he’s thinking about coming back and also trying to do it in a way that clears the air and sets the stage for a healthier relationship.

If he’s offering apologies or explanations, he’s serious about reconciling and making things right between you two.

Watch out for this if you desire the possibility of a renewed connection.


9. Says Nice Things About You

Signs He Will Come Back After No Contact

If he’s also saying nice things about you, like complimenting your qualities and expressing how much he misses you, it’s an even stronger indicator that he’s not just thinking about a short-term reunion but is considering a long-term commitment.

He’s showing genuine appreciation and affection for you.

If he is saying kind words, it’s a sign that he’s not just considering a comeback, but he is still very much in love with you.



10. Hasn’t Returned Your Things

If he hasn’t returned your personal belongings or items you left with him, it’s a notable sign.

It suggests that he’s holding onto a piece of your past, a connection that he’s not ready to let go of.

He still loves to have you around.

He is keeping those things because he has you in his heart and mind.

So, if he hasn’t returned your things,  a comeback is very possible.



When it comes to the matter of the heart, there are no guarantees of a definite decision.

When he does come back, it’s stepping into the next chapter of your story.

Make sure to have an honest conversation with him.

Ask the big questions, like what has changed and what he envisions for your future together.

Keep in mind that sometimes the return can be even sweeter than the start.

It’s a chance to rewrite your story together with all the lessons and experiences you’ve gained during your time apart.

One thing we would advise you about is to trust your instincts and your heart.

And whether he comes back or not, your happiness and well-being should always come first.