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9 Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

9 Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

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Dealing with a guy who’s fighting his feelings can be pretty tough.

When a man is on the fence about his emotions, it’s a tricky spot to be in.

Think you’ve got a man like that in your life?

There are some subtle signs you can spot to figure out what he’s really feeling.

Catching these hints can make a world of difference in handling your relationship with a bit more empathy and clear-headedness.

Here are 9 signs he might be fighting his feelings for you.

9 Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

1. He Sends Mixed Signals

Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

Have you noticed him behaving hot and cold?

One of the most confusing signs that a man is fighting his feelings is when he sends mixed signals.

One day, he might be very attentive and affectionate, showing clear signs of interest.

The next day, he might pull back, becoming distant and unresponsive.

This push-and-pull behavior can be emotionally draining and leave you feeling unsure about where you stand.

He’s likely struggling with his emotions, causing him to act inconsistently.

Pay attention to these changes in behavior as they could be a sign he is fighting his feelings for you.


2. He Avoids Eye Contact

Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

Does he often avoid looking directly into your eyes?

Eye contact is a powerful form of non-verbal communication.

If a man is fighting his feelings, he might avoid making eye contact with you.

This can happen because he’s afraid that his eyes will give away his true emotions.

Avoiding eye contact can be a sign of discomfort and inner conflict.

He may find it difficult to look at you directly because of the intensity of his feelings.



3. He’s Extra Nervous Around You

Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

Have you noticed him acting more nervous around you than others?

When someone is trying to hide their feelings, they often become nervous or anxious in the presence of the person they care about.

He might fidget, stumble over his words, or seem unusually tense when you’re around.

This nervous energy is a sign that he’s struggling to keep his emotions in check.

It’s a clear indication that being near you stirs up strong feelings that he’s trying to suppress.


4. He Keeps His Distance

Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

Does he seem to avoid spending time alone with you?

A man fighting his feelings might try to maintain physical and emotional distance.

This is because a man is in this kind of situation.

He could avoid situations where you’re alone together or make excuses to keep from getting too close.

This distancing behavior is his way of managing his emotions and preventing them from spilling over.

Keeping his distance helps him feel in control, but it can also make you feel rejected or ignored. It’s a defense mechanism to avoid confronting his feelings.


5. He shows only flashes of Protection

Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

Has he shown signs of being protective over you?

A man whose feeling is unsettled will, due to his indecisive heart, find it difficult to center his attention.

A scattered attention means his focus isn’t on you alone and neither is his heart.

Sadly, a man only protects with conviction where his heart lies.

This will make it difficult for them to exercise their protective capacity on you.

However, he might still look out for you in subtle ways, like making sure you get home safely or standing up for you in difficult situations.

The flashes of his protective behavior indicate that, regardless of his internal struggle, he wants to ensure your well-being and safety.

It’s a sign that his feelings are strong, even if he’s not ready to admit them.


6. He Compliments You (But Withholds Deeper Feelings)

Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

Does he often give you compliments but avoid deeper conversations about feelings?

A man fighting his feelings might give you compliments, but stop short of expressing deeper emotions.

He might tell you that you look nice or praise your achievements, but avoid saying anything that indicates a romantic interest.

These surface-level compliments are a way for him to show appreciation without revealing too much.

He’s trying to balance his desire to express his feelings with his need to keep them hidden.


7. He isn’t Really There for You

Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

Has he been there for you when you needed support?

As he fights his feelings, his attention is scattered and not fully on you, he cares about you still but his confused state will definitely keep him away from the present and from you.

As a result, do not be surprised if he drifts in and out and isn’t really there for you.

This is because he is struggling with his own internal struggle and may not have the capacity to fully be there for someone else.

He values your relationship and wants to be a part of your life, but his internal struggles will not let him go.

You then have to be patient enough and grant him time to sort out his head, you should also avoid judging him at this stage or you risk loosing him totally.


8. He Avoids Talking About Feelings

Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings

Does he avoid talking about feelings or your relationship?

When someone is fighting their feelings, they often avoid conversations that might bring those emotions to the surface.

He might change the subject when you try to talk about your relationship or his feelings, or he might become evasive and dismissive.

Avoiding these conversations is a way for him to keep his emotions at bay. 

It’s a sign that he’s struggling to deal with his feelings and isn’t ready to confront them.


9. He Shows Signs of Inner Conflict

Have you noticed signs of inner conflict in his behavior?

If a man is fighting his feelings, he might show signs of inner conflict. 

This could manifest as mood swings, indecision, or moments of deep thoughtfulness. 

He might seem happy and engaged one moment, then distant and preoccupied the next.

This inner turmoil is a clear indication that he’s grappling with strong emotions. 

He’s trying to reconcile his feelings with his desire to keep them hidden.



Understanding His Struggle 

It’s important to remember that everyone processes emotions differently, and fighting feelings can be a sign of deeper issues or fears.

If you notice these signs, consider raising the topic in a gentle and understanding manner. 

Let him know that it’s okay to express his feelings and that you value his honesty. 

Understanding his struggle can help you decide the best way to move forward.

Whether you choose to give him time to sort out his feelings or encourage open communication, recognizing these signs is the first step toward a more transparent and connected relationship.

Is it time to have an open conversation about his feelings?

Lillian Zitha

Friday 19th of July 2024

A very good friend of mine has shown all the signs towards me but I decided to let it go and deep down inside I know he is into me.