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10 Habits of Highly Likable People

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

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How do you perceive life and people?

Are you of the opinion that there are people in possession of what I call “people’s charm?”

Or do you believe that people just have to possess certain characteristics and they will be loved by all?

You know, in my early and mid-teens, I was a strong believer in “people’s charm.”

For me, it was something that if one possessed it, one would be liked by everyone—no matter what they did or did not do. 

Well, I was a living example. 

A lot of people liked me. 

And I just couldn’t tell exactly what it was I did that made me so easily likable. 

So I assumed I had the “people’s charm.”

However, as I grew, I realized that certain characters could endear a person to others. 

It is way more than just being charming. 

These habits, whether intentionally displayed by an individual or deeply buried in their subconscious, become a magnetic force, drawing people to the possessors. 

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

1. Authenticity

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

You see, the thing about being authentic is that you are not worried about what identity you present in different places.

There’s just one you, and that one you are the one you project everywhere you go.

Besides, it is easy for people to trust you and rely on you when they know that you are genuine and honest. 

All that having to live double standard lives and project to be who they are not does not in any way concern people who are authentic.

They are not just true to themselves. They are also true to others.

And no matter how dishonest or dubious a person is, they prefer to interact with people who are honest.


2. Active Listening

I am so blessed to have an active listener in my circle. 

It is a blessing everyone wants to have. 

These people actually listen to you when you are talking. 

They are not just waiting for you to stop talking so that they can quickly throw in their input. 


They give you full attention and are truly interested in what you have to say. 

It helps to build real empathy in them and strengthens the bond you share with them. 


3. Positivity

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

Everybody is all about the energy. 

And trust me, energy never lies. 

If you are a vibe killer, nobody wants to roll with you. 

But you see the life of the party?

That’s who everyone wants.

And, no, you do not need to be in a party to be the life of the party. 

People with good energy show positivity in both their words and their actions. 

Instead of magnifying the problem and making it look worse than it already is, they focus on a way out. 

They are the first to spread hope with this contagious enthusiasm that lifts the spirit of everyone around them. 


4. Empathy

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

People are going through a lot in these times, and nobody wants people who invalidate their pains.

Personally, no matter who you are, if I find that you are someone who likes to treat others with contempt, I immediately dislike you. 

Understanding and empathizing with people’s feelings and perspectives is what people who are likable do. 

They take the time to imagine themselves in others’ shoes and offer support and encouragement when needed.


5. Humility

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

I don’t know what it is people have that should make them feel like they have it all and can raise their shoulders.

No matter what a person has, there are other people who have way more than they do. 

It doesn’t matter what their achievements or successes are; likable people will always remain humble and approachable. 

They don’t see the need to boast or seek validation; instead, they always celebrate other people’s accomplishments like they would their own. 

They also acknowledge the fact that they are limited in so many areas.

6. Respectfulness

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

There is this set of people who are so aggressive they believe that they can treat people anyhow and get away with it. 

They disrespect everyone who comes their way. 

People naturally like to avoid these set not because they are afraid of them but because nobody wants all that negative energy around them.

But the other people who are very pay close attention and respect other people’s opinions, boundaries, and differences are easily likable. 

People will tend to treat them with high regards just as they treat everyone with kindness and courtesy, regardless of status or background.

7. Reliability

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

I knew someone who seemingly had “people’s charm” and everyone liked him just at the first instance. 

But he was so unreliable. 

Never followed any course through till the end. 

You couldn’t leave a project in his hands and go back to sleep and return to find it completely and thoroughly done. 

It was either roughly done, or not completed. 

After a while, people could no longer trust him with anything anymore. 

So I’ll say this again, it is not enough to possess a magnetic aura that draws people to you, you must have good character, too. 

Trust is an important factor in every relationship, and likable people earn it by being reliable and dependable. 

They follow through on their commitments, keep their promises, and can be counted on when needed.

8. Sense of Humor

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

Sense of humor is another virtue that likable people possess. 

I don’t know the science behind it, but a good sense of humor always lightens the mood and breaks the ice in any situation. 

People who exude joy have this energy that follows them wherever they go. 

And who is allergic to good energy?

No one, of course. 

People who are easily likable possess the charm of being able to laugh in necessary situations and also spur up laughter in people especially in cold and lonely environments. These people also know how to engage people in storytelling, while sharing their knowledge with others. 

And in hopeless situations, they are able to share light and hope, finding humor in all of their everyday experiences. 

9. Open-mindedness

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

Even if open mindedness wasn’t a thing in the past, it has become a thing in today’s digitalized world.

Now from the comfort of our home, we are exposed to several other people’s lifestyle, culture, and approach to things. 

With this, we are exposed to learning, unlearning, relearning every single day. 

Just by surfing through the Internet on a daily basis, a person can possess a vast knowledge about a lot of things even without experiencing these things first hand.

Anybody who is close minded becomes repelling to others. 

Because why is everyone learning something new and moving on and you are bent on living in the limitations of the little you know?

Being open-minded allows people to embrace new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. 

Also helps them accept diversity and inclusion, making them easily likable. 

10. Generosity

10 Habits of Highly Likable People

Have you ever wondered why people are more attracted to generous people than they are to poor people?

And it is rightly said: wealth has many brothers, but poverty is a bastard. 

And you know what?

The generous are not always the rich. 

Because I know firsthand a lot of wealthy people who are tightfisted. 

I also know a lot of people who earn the barest minimum, yet they are very liberal with their possessions. 

Generosity is a spirit with magnetic virtues. 

Anyone who is liberal with their possessions, whether it is their time, resources, or even an unquantifiable thing as encouragement, will always have people coming around them. 

People who want to associate with people who truly care about them can take a little burden off their shoulders. 


If you want to become the almighty possessor of the “people’s charm” and irresistible to everyone around you, you should begin grooming yourself to possess the habits listed above. 

Whether it is in your personal relationships, in social interactions, or in professional work environments, practicing these habits will help you lead a more fulfilling and enriching life.