me-time in marriage

Having a Me-Time in Marriage

I agree that marital responsibility is overwhelming, having a spouse and raising children for those who are parents coupled with the pursuits of one’s dream is a lot. But amidst all of these duties, it is important to look after oneself.

Through it all, it is necessary once in a while to take a break off these many chores and have a “me-time” with oneself. No one is ever going to willingly give you this personal time, but you have to work it out for yourself having an understanding spouse and loving people around who can help babysit your children if any.

Trust me, your partner and kids always want to have you around being their support system. But you also have to look after yourself in order to be the best version of the kind of spouse and parent they want in their lives.

Your “Me-Time” is the time you just want to do something for yourself without focusing on the needs or desires of anybody else.

Here is why you should have a me-time in marriage

It helps you discover yourself

The me-time helps one to explore one’s hobby, at this time, it is easy to discover the skills one has and realize some hidden talents one hasn’t gotten to put into use.

Your family will get the best of you

You don’t need to feel selfish that you want to have a me-time. A lot of mothers think its impossible to have personal time to themselves but the truth is that, it is difficult but achievable. Kids can sometimes be handful and one can be feeling lost if one doesn’t take time off these parenthood duties. That’s why some wives start to nag and feel frustrated, but having a me-time in marriage will help you catch some breath and refresh that you are able to give your best to your family again.

It will help you focus better

A lot of people especially men work all day and still bring some “to-do list” from work to the house, having so much to do that they are overwhelmed by stress. Having a me-time by sometimes putting aside all these agenda will help you cool off such that you have a clearer mind and be more focused to face the future.

It helps you revitalize your social life

The social life of many people depreciates once they get married and start building their home. But you may not really understand how much you have missed on dates until you catch up by hanging out with friends at your me-time.

It helps you keep body and soul together

People actually think they are indispensable, and this is one of the reasons we all get exceedingly tired most times. Forcing ourselves to take on tasks even when the body is showing signs of fatigue. So it is important to take rest, nap, see movies, have a spa treatment, take massage, hang out with friends, treat yourself to a nice lunch or dinner, do pedicure/manicure, read novels or whatever works for you to recharge your mind and body.

It helps you appreciate your individuality

Being married shouldn’t deprive one of enjoying oneself as an individual. Your me-time helps you reflect on how much you have grown as a person, and to appreciate how much of a super man or woman you are to have been able to manage all the good and bad life has thrown at you.

It enhances your productivity

On few occasions, I have had to take a day off work, drop my child at the daycare and school, get back home to enjoy my “me-time”. I sometimes just surf the net, read about random things that I find entertaining, take a nap and by evening before getting the kids, I feel more motivated and energized to face the challenges ahead.

Remember your me-time necessarily doesn’t have to be days, weeks or month, it could just be few minutes or hours to cater for your own needs and haven not to worry about anything or anyone, but if you are able to get longer time, then its good for you.

Having a me-time in marriage isn’t just about having fun, but most importantly to ease oneself of the stress of life and the sense of accomplishment that one feels is enough to carry on with all the chores of life.


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