Should I Be Playing Hard To Get?

Playing hard to get

Should I be playing hard to get?  The million dollar question! If you had asked me this question a few years ago, I would have said, “Oh, yes, definitely, you should be playing hard to get. How else would you let the guy know you are special, not cheap and should definitely be desired?” This …

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13 First Date Ideas for a Perfect Date

first date ideas

  There is just so much that comes with a first date; the nerves, the worry and all the “what if’ questions. Then, of course, you also worry about the venue. If it is a case of a blind date, you want to make sure that it is somewhere that you can be safe (especially …

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Fun Places to go in Lagos this Valentine

fun places to go in lagos

There are many fun places to go in Lagos especially this Valentine. So if you live in Lagos, you plan to live in Lagos, you are a tourist in Lagos, or you plan to visit Lagos, you are about to find out fun places to relax and rejuvenate your mind (with your boo/bae). Monotony breeds …

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Relationship Deal Breakers You Should Watch Out For

relationship deal breakers

”A deal breaker is something that is important enough to you to prevent you from agreeing to something, buying something, etc.”- Cambridge Dictionary Relationship deal breakers are factors or behaviours that can make you to doubt the continuity of a relationship. I think the hardest thing about relationships is that you are bringing two human …

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50 First Date Questions That Can Never Go Wrong

first date questions

First Date Questions! I don’t know about you but first dates are nerve-racking for me. I’m usually so nervous and fear that I wouldn’t meet up to the expectations of my date or that I wouldn’t enjoy the date. What if he finds me boring? What if I find him boring? What am I going …

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