Simple Beauty Regimen for a Flawless Skin

Having a beauty regimen is crucial to having a flawless skin. Everyone wants to be a member of #teamglow skin but do not embrace a good beauty regimen.

Some know what to do but are not using the right things.

Some are doing the right things but are overdoing it so the results are making them “underglow”.


How I Hurt My Skin Unknowingly.

Beauty regimen
I already started the black soap but still broke out a lot with a lot of dark spots

In January 2018, I remember, I had a plan to have a very beautiful skin and I started using a turmeric scrub every day on my face and sometimes a coffee scrub on my skin and I had a sugar and salt scrub, milk mask, charcoal mask, lime scrub, honey mask, oatmeal and green tea mask, just mention it, it’s either I have it, plan on getting it or have something similar to it. The results came- I started breaking out. I felt the cause was ovulation and I kept at it till it went out of hand.

Now note, it’s way easier to maintain a sensitive or acne prone skin than correcting the damage done to it.

I had a good beauty regimen but I abused it. And with abuse comes dire consequences that I still live with. Yeah, black spots in tons and a burnt nose which I lived with for eleven months. The painful part is not the fact that I have to live with it, it’s the fact that I have to answer questions of,

“What happened to your face?”

And the many silly suggestions like, “Have you used lizard’s tears?”, plus unsolicited advice like, “With more sexual intercourse, it will clear”.


You really don’t want to know what I went through. The bottles of oxy 10, oxy 5, Neo Medrol and Clearasil I bought are enough to last a lifetime.

Anyway, I’m over that phase and I can boldly write about it. My face is not completely rid of spots but I’m very far from where I started from. I go out confidently without make up and mehn, I glowwww.

Ok. Enough of fawning over myself, even if it’s my story. Lol.

That said, let me sound this warning to you.


If your skin is not giving you any issues and you decide to add these things to the beauty regimen that already works for you, you are looking for trouble.

So, in the first week of November, I reached out to a certain lady after reading a lot of reviews of her work on my Facebook timeline. Kimberly.

I saw that after having to deal with acne, there were traces of inflamed and a photosensitive patch around my jaw and nose. My worries skyrocketed. I was able to trace this to the use of steroid I introduced to the regimen I was using to manage my already damaged face.

See, before you go all “organic” on your body or face, try to know some things for yourself so as to know if the person you’re meeting knows what they’re doing.

After some back and forth on consultations, she maintained I continue with what I was using. It was hard for me. My mind was made up. After two weeks, she placed me on the Kimorah Bitterleaf Soap. I was still breaking out but I was so confident I would be just fine. I stuck to this soap alone and my body oils/butter (cow ghee, pure coconut oil, sweet almond oil, eucalyptus oil). That became my beauty regimen for 4 weeks.

Note that Kim followed up all through. Now, did the break outs stop? No! Lol. Kim was particular about this. She asked me to stop the soap on my face and switch to a soap I could get easily. She recommended a toner and a face cream I am to use strictly at night or with a sun screen if i have to use by day (all from Kimorah).  And that became my beauty regimen for another 4 weeks and I am telling you by my glowing face that I’m stuck on this regimen till the Dr. Kim says change and I move to the next level.



Simple beauty regimen
After I stopped the black soap and commenced the face cream and toner


From my narration, the conclusion is that building a good beauty regimen does not require too many things.

  • Get yourself a face soap.
  • Find a good toner.
  • Use a good face cream (night use).
  • Sunscreen is not meant for white people alone. In fact we need it more in this part of the world.
  • Get a good body cream.

Dearest, from my story I hope you saw that “Organic Black Soap” is not for everybody. Please know what suits your skin and work with it.

Yeah, this is the end of my story. You were expecting me to talk about crocodile tears and housefly saliva? Lol

If you have any skin challenges at the moment, just drop them in comments and I’ll direct you to the right quarters.

Don’t forget to share eh. Love you too.


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