10 Types of Physical Intimacy to Have in Your Marriage

If anyone tells you physical intimacy in marriage is not a big deal, they lie.

While intimacy can be established in other ways, physical intimacy seems to be the glue that holds everything together. It’s the icing on the cake, it adds beauty and glitz to a marriage.

People are always curious about s*x, regardless of how long they’ve been having it.

It’s no surprise. S*x is beautiful. It’s one of God’s gift to humanity, we should enjoy it to the fullest.

So, if you’re looking to have more s*x and more fun having it with your spouse, here are 10 types of s*x to have:

Types of S*x to Have in Your Marriage

1. Makeup s*x

What better way to end a fight with your spouse than a steamy session in between the sheets?

I don’t mean you should cover up issues with s*x. No.

Make sure you talk things over and not sweep them under the carpet with s*x. After that, you can seal things up with a romantic time together.

2. Anniversary s*x

Wedding anniversary is about you two, a celebration of your love. Don’t let activities rob you and your spouse of having a great sexy time together to renew your passion.

3. Birthday s*x

You’ve probably got some ideas on how to make your spouse’s birthday special for them.

How about starting the day by snuggling up with your spouse and giving them a romantic start?

It’s a new year for them, help them start it beautifully, and other things can follow.

4. Congratulatory s*x

Is there anything that calls for a celebration? A new job, promotion, contract, pregnancy etc.

Celebrate over a bottle of wine and a steamy session together.

5. Goodbye/farewell s*x

If you and your spouse are going to be away from each other for a little or long while, then you should have an amazing s*x that you’ll keep remembering until you see each other again.

Farewell s*x can go a long way in helping both of you to cope with not seeing each other for a while.

6. Reunion/welcome s*x

This is the one to have when you and your spouse are seeing each other again after some time apart.

This is so much fun because there seems to be more longing, more passion, and more excitement.

When you’ve not seen each other for some time, it’s natural to want to devour each other.

Make sure you do.

7. Comfort s*x

Perhaps the last thing on your mind when you’re emotionally down is hitting the sheets with your spouse. However, s*x has been discovered to have many physiological benefits including relaxation and elevation of mood.

This is due to the chemicals released in the brain during s*x. Endorphins are the neurotransmitters associated with happy feelings which can elevate one’s mood.

I’m not saying you should deny the existence of your problem or cover it up with s*x, but having some comfort s*x doesn’t hurt and can make you feel better.

8. Tired s*x

Sometimes you’re so tired that all you want to do is hit your bed and take a trip to dreamland.

But having a very gentle s*x with your spouse can help you to sleep even better. Orgasms could be sleep-inducing due to the relaxation hormones released during s*x.

You don’t need to have s*x every time you’re tired, but whenever you’re up for it, it can help you to have a better sleep.

9. Quickie

A drawn-out s*x is sweet, but you won’t always have time for that. So, a quickie can be as much fun.

A quickie in the morning before going to work can make you beam throughout the day.

10. Holiday s*x

This is one type of s*x every couple should look forward to because there’s something about having s*x in an environment different from the one you’re used to. It kind of adds some newness to it.

Don’t just spend the whole time touring your holiday destination(s), make sure you’re getting busy in between the sheets, and renewing your passion for each other.

Enjoy these ten types of s*x with your spouse and have a blissful marriage!

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